Hello to Querious Industries Co.

Welcome to Querious Industries Co.

We are operating out of a null pocket in Immensea, our aim is to have fun and earn ISK!

Our current focus is industry, mining and ratting.

If you would like to join us, you can contact is ingame ‘Querious Industrial Public’

CEO: Paul Kautsuo
Directors: Karhnar + Scopehone
Recruiters: Paul Kautsuo, Karhnar
Recruitment is currently: Open

Actively Recruiting

Miners (Many)
Explorers (Many)
Industrialist (Many)
Ratters (Many)
Small-Gang/Coalition PvP (Many)
Fun People for Null-Sec (Always)

Quick Info:
Immensea Region
ICON Alliance
Phoenix Federation Coalition

Any Questions? No answer? Evemail Paul Kautsuo for more info!