Querious Buyback Program

Querious Industries runs a program in which we buyback

  • Salvage
  • Exploration Loot
  • Compressed Ore
  • Compressed Ice
  • PI 3 or above.

The most simple way for you to do this is to simply make a contract to Querious Industries (QUID) when you wish to sell your goods to the buyback program. We are currently buying at 90% Jita Price.

Appraising Your Items

What’s “Jita price” you may ask? That’s the price of the modules at the current rate in Jita. The best way to figure out if the loot is valuable is via all you have to do is copy & paste the items you want to appraise into EVEpraisal and it’ll tell you how much they’re worth.

Once you’ve brought in all the items you want to sell to the corporation to our current staging station yоu will need tо open your assets window.

From there you will then find the items you want to sell to us, and select them. Then press Ctrl + C.

You can also open your item hangar and set it to be in a “List” mode, and Ctrl + C the items you want to appraise. The option to change to the list mode is in the top right of your item hangar window.

After doing that, open up Ε Оnce there Ctrl + V the copied items into the box and make sure уou’ve selected “Jita” in the drop down menu in the bottom right of the box and then hit “Submit”

You’ll be presented with an page with all the items you pasted into the previous page on the right hand column. The price for the items we are concerned about is on the right there it says “estimated buy value in Jita.” You will then need to set up a contract for 90% of that total value.


First you will need to open up the Contracts window. You can find this by clicking on the “E” on the top of the left hand menu and going to the “Business” subsection. You can also simply press “\” to access the Neocom menu.

Once opened select “Create Contract”. After you’ve done that, you will then need to select “Item Exchange” and click the “Private” option. Then you’ll need to put in the corporation name mentioned at the top.

After that is done, make sure the items you want to sell have the little tick box next to them selected and press next. Finally you will need to input 90% of the buy price of the items you got off EVEPraisal into the “I will receive” window, and set the contract for “2 Weeks.”

Please include the EVEPraisal permlink as part of the contract.

We will double check the contents, the value and so forth and if there are any issue with the contract we will reject it and inform you as to why it was rejected.